2 Wohnungen in Köln, suche Haus in Köln-Umland

  1. Wohnung ca. 90 qm inkl. Loggia. Zuzüglich Spitzdach welches ausgebaut werden kann. Gas-Etagenheizung, Diele Bad, große Wohnküche und 2 Zimmer. 2.Wohnung ca 60 qm mit Blkon und Stellplatz. Unten gebe ich dann die Gesamtflächen usw an.....
Country: Germany
federal state: North Rhine-Westphalia
location: Köln
district: Kalk
living space in sqm: 150
number of rooms: 6
year of construction: 1950
valuation in €: 300000
state of repair: well-kept
year of last construction works: Dach 2016
energy certificate: not available/in preparation
floor of the apartment/number of floors in building: 3-4 / 4
parking space: outside parking lot
occupancy rate: rented
heating type: gas heating
basement: yes
!!requested!! type of property:
!!Requested!! country: Germany
!!requested!! federal state 1: North Rhine-Westphalia
!!requested!! federal state 2: Rhineland-Palatinate
acting as private/commercial property-swap-provider: private
Listing created Aug 13, 2020