Information about swaperty

How it works

How it works

Swaperty is a platform for swapping real estate. Property owners are able to connect with each other to find potential swapping partners.

1. Registration + listing of properties

  • After registration just the prename is public
  • Confirming the e-mail address is necessary, please look at your spam folder if you did not receive an e-mail
  • By clicking the button "+ List your property" on the right side of the top bar you can make an advertisement 
  • Please fill in as much information as possible

2. Find suitable properties to swap

  • Search for suitable properties by choosing the input fields on the start page
  • Get in contact with potential swapping partners by clicking the button "contact to provider"
  • Commercial providers could be identified under the field named alike
  • Appointing a flat or house viewing if both sides are interested 

3. Negotiations for real estate values and appointment with a notary

  • Fair negotiations of the real estate values on both sides
  • Draft contract with notary office after closing negotiations
  • Get help from swaperty and its partners for real estate values and draft contracts

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